Monday, November 16, 2015

Puppyish Love

We have acquired a new puppy(ish) dog. This brings a smile to my face as I sweep up chewed toys and hide my house slippers and fill in holes in the back yard.

 About a month ago she escaped from a bad home in a  nearby town and made it to a home where a very kind lady rescued her- got her some vet care and groceries. I believe she saved the dog's life as the poor thing weighed less than 40 pounds and had lost a lot of her fur due to malnutrition.  But the kind lady already had a dog and couldn't give this girl a forever home.

At the same time she was being rescued, I was in deep sorrow over the loss of my beloved beagle, Daisy. Daisy had been my rescued companion for the last seven years and had just passed away due to liver failure. My heart was broken. She had filled up so many lonely spots in my life and was irreplaceable.

But I did have room in my heart to love another dog in need of a friend, so last week into our home came Molly. She's been a real hoot so far. She's 65 (and still growing) pounds of slobbery, jumpy, chewy, wanna be lap dog- a mixture of lab and spaniel- all fun and smiles (yes, she smiles!) She's approximately 2 years old and is on a fast track course of basic obedience and manners. It took her two days to learn "potty outside" and just like that she was house trained. She's mastered "sit" and is working on "stay."  We're on our way to a great life together!
"If I fits, I sits"


  1. Good for you and your new friend, a match made in heaven :)

  2. So sorry for the loss of your beagle! This one beauty of a dog! So happy you two found each other!

  3. So happy for you and Molly! When I lose a dog, after grieving a while, I open my heart to another---there are just so many who need a loving home.

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