Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Impressions of Fall 2015

Random observations and experiences of the season this year:

More wind, less leaves, grey skies, warmer temps, and wearing short sleeve shirts instead of hoodies.

Chicken soup and Constant Comment tea are on my menu a lot.

Dogs and coyotes are taking the howling wind personally and replying in kind. Every. Single. Night.

Gas prices are fluctuating but milk is holding steady and the cheapest apples in the store taste like sawdust.

The critters molted and shed their summer fur early but the winter forecast is mild.

The tarp over the rabbit cages was ripped down by the wind so I'm having to fashion shade from seed sacks until DH is home to repair the damage.

We zipped through the latest Netflix season of The Walking Dead way too fast. 

I planted some spinach seeds to test the amount of sunlight in a window sill and they came up! Now I'm planning some herb planting there.

Did I mention the wind?

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  1. Please remember that on November 21, DD had to wear socks to bed to keep her little piggies warm. Also, gas was $1.99 today!


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