Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Homemade Peanut Butter in About 5 Minutes

Superman has his Kryptonite. I have my peanut butter. I love the stuff. Shh, don't tell anyone or it will be my downfall. DH has managed to bribe some favors out of me by waving a Reese's cup in front of my nose.  So I don't buy the stuff. Ever. My willpower is a goner to peanut butter.

When I do indulge in the treat, I make it myself. That makes it healthier and I can control how much is in the kitchen at any given time. Here's my method for making homemade peanut butter:

1 Cup roasted, salted peanuts (shelled and skinned). Sometimes I mix with unsalted for less salt.

An electric mini chopper
A strong thumb

1. Place peanuts in mini chopper. Close lid and do not open again until step 8.
2. Press button with thumb to activate chopper for one minute. Peanuts will be crumbly.
3. Wiggle Thumb to regain strength
4. Press and hold button for another minute. Peanuts will be sticking together but dry and not spreadable. Some folks would stop and add oil at this point but I persevere without it.
5. Wiggle Thumb again. (It might take a few seconds to get the blood flowing this time.)
6. Press and hold the button for another minute. The mixture will appear to break apart and then form a ball that swirls around the blade.
7. Stick your thumb in your mouth for a second. Give it a little pep talk.
8 Press and hold the button for about 30 more seconds. The ball will smooth back out into a paste with more oils released and will be SPREADABLE! Open the lid and give a quick stir to check.
Voila! Peanut butter with no added sugar or oils. It will not be sweet, I prefer to keep it this way. Adding it to jelly or jam (or CHOCOLATE) makes it plenty sweet enough for me but you could certainly add in whatever sweetener you prefer at this point. 
It stores well in the fridge for about a week- maybe longer, I've never been able to keep from devouring it that long.

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