Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

We had a great time at the Mother Earth News Fair in Topeka this year! It was like a field trip for homesteaders! The knowledge we gained and the enjoyment of being around like-minded people made the trip well worth the cost. I feel like we got a bargain! Here's the weekend in pictures with details....

Workshops Galore! Two solid days of numerous topics. We couldn't get to all we were interested in but it did help to have DH along so we could split up for more coverage.

I started out with a cheese making and raw milk class...

serious note taking!

...while DH hit up the bee keeping workshops.

Homesteaders Galore! Seats filled up fast...

especially for the more "famous" speakers.
Wranglerstar of Youtube fame
Vendors Galore! You could buy everything from soap to composting toilets, seeds to wooden spoons, garden tools to chicken pluckers, saunas to yarn to tee shirts to pots and pans and so on.

Books Galore! Mother Earth News provided an excellent selection of books. Unfortunately they were sold out of our intended purchases when we finally got a chance to shop in the bookstore.

If there is a fair in Topeka next year and you are thinking about going, I highly recommend staying at the Ramada Inn downtown. I've stayed there the last two years and found it to be very accommodating. It's a very short drive to the Expocentre (free parking.) They serve an excellent breakfast included in the room price. And there is a neat little military museum inside to explore- if you're not too exhausted from the fair!



  1. What a wonderful event, I would love it if we had events like that in the UK.

  2. Very cool! Hope to get to one someday! In the mean time I'll enjoy vicariously through you!


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