Tuesday, October 6, 2015

If You Give A Moose A Peanut

The topic of the day is goat minerals, those handy little supplements goats need to stay healthy and in good condition. From the time we got our first goat, we've been doing what I call the mineral dance. 

It goes like this:
Day 1  I would put the loose (important because goats don't have rough tongues) minerals free choice into a mineral feeder inside the goat's shed.
Day 2 Find goat berries in untouched minerals. Use a whisk broom to sweep out mineral feeder and place a smaller amount of minerals in it.
Day 3 Repeat day 2
Day 4 Repeat day 3
Day 5 Top dress the alfalfa pellets with a squirt of cooking spray to hold the minerals on.
Day 6 Use a whisk broom to sweep minerals out of pellet trough then repeat day 5
Day 7 Give up and feed minerals by hand. Which some goats loved...and fought over...and slobbered on...knocking me around and leaving a wet, sticky mess in my hand. But some goats turned up their noses.

So I broke down and bought a mineral paste. It's a little more inconvenient because it's not free choice. I have to measure and figure dosage. And I have to be sure each goat gets its share. At first I was top dressing their pellets with the paste but some goats like the taste and some goats don't. And Moose? He thought I was trying to poison him- POISON I tell ya! What to do? What to do? Why, sneak the little booger's minerals into him of course. We started out with marshmallows. I mean, who doesn't like marshmallows?  Moose doesn't like marshmallows. Or animal crackers? Or saltines? Bread? Uh uh, nope. Finally a few weeks ago, I discovered Moose's treat of choice. Peanuts. So once a week I crack open a peanut, dump the nuts out, measure in the paste, and press the shell halves together to hide a mineral dose.

And now? Now I'm happy to report the goats are all looking great-the picture of health! Coats are shiny!


  1. you would think he would notice there isnt peanuts in the shell, perhaps he just want special attention :-)

  2. I love it! Where there's a will there's a way, as the saying goes. Never underestimate the depth or power of your critters' greed for treats!


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