Monday, September 21, 2015

Whittling the Wardrobe

Today I decided to step out of my comfort zone. First thing to tackle: laundry. I know, laundry shouldn't be intimidating. But y'all, it's me we're talking about. I've been tackling laundry for over 40 years and I still haven't won the game. I can do a lot of things that the average woman wouldn't attempt but I still cower when I think of putting away clothes. Ugh! Admitting there's a problem is the first step, right? Right??

In the past, I've kept copious amounts of clothing. I needed outfits for my profession and church, casual clothes for soccer games and band practices, and sweat pants (this was pre-yoga pants fashion) for housework. Once I had retired from my job and the kids were gone, the need for so many clothes should have diminished. But letting go is hard and the space I did free up was quickly refilled with more- simply because I was afraid I didn't have enough. Admitting there's a problem is the first step, right? Right??

But if I have enough clothes to make laundry a once-every-three-weeks chore then some rethinking of the wardrobe needs to be done. Before I jump right in to a major closet clean-out, because I have done so in the past and see above where the failure occurs- I need to have a plan. In place. Ready to be enforced! I'd like to be able to wash laundry daily and have everything back in its place after one load but still have enough to cover the minor disasters that occur around here. And I need to plan for layering as hot flashes are the new normal for this stage of my life. Admitting there's a problem is the first step, right? Right??

So here is my rough draft:
Things to keep for spring/summer
2 Sunday morning church outfits
2 Wednesday evening church skirts and tops
3 Daily (work around the house and critters) skirts or shorts and tops
3 Daily tops
2 Run-to-town skirts or capri's and tops
1 swimsuit
3 pair sport socks
4 sets nightwear

Things to keep for fall/winter
2 Sunday morning church outfits + 1 sweater to go with both
2 Wednesday evening church skirts and tops + 1 sweater to go with both
3 Daily (work around the house and critter) skirts or jeans
3 Daily long sleeve tops
3 Daily sweatshirts or sweaters
2 pairs leggings
1 pair long underwear
3 pair boot socks
4 sets nightwear

How does that sound for a plan? Of course there is more, I keep a full set of camping clothes for all seasons in my backpack. Old coats and jackets never die around here, they just move on to that space at the back of the closet where no one dares to go. When I want a souvenir that won't collect dust I will opt for a tee shirt. And there are the piles of shoes.  But admitting there's a problem is the first step, right? Right??


  1. I think you need more socks, I was looking at my clothes the other day as my lifestyle has change a lot of it seems redundant, evening wear I cant see me gardening in evening dresses but I am very reluctant to get rid, I might have an occasion to wear them they dont date as such, my old work clothes from the shop I now wear every day casual, my old every day casual is now releggated to everyday work, when thy fall apart I will turn them into dusters :-)

    1. You may be right! Thinking back on last winter I seem to recall having several pairs of socks hung to dry from one day's chores. Summer socks aren't a deal because I only need them when I work in boots-- poop zones or after a rain. Usually I'm in flip flops or barefoot.

  2. 4 sets nightwear? Gee I only have 1, winter/summer. More socks!


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