Thursday, September 24, 2015

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

I'm packing up my bags for a trip to Tennessee for a family reunion. I'll only be gone for 2 days so there's not much packing to do. However, there is a ton of other stuff to check off the list before I leave: floors swept, appliances unplugged, yard work done, etc...

And there are the critter care lists to write. Because everything is different each time I leave, I end up making new lists. This time the goats are only getting hay for feed and there is a chicken play pen to upkeep. Oh, and one of the rabbit cages needs extra feed and water because the babies are in with the mom. And one of the dogs has an upset tummy so keep an eye on her. Plus did I mention I picked up a pet beta fish? Yep, the lists surely change.

What steps do you have to take when you want to leave the farm/homestead? What do you worry about when you're gone? I mostly worry about predators and power outages. While I'm gone the chickens aren't allowed to free range but they have a run that is shared with the rabbit cages. There is a big tarp over them for shade and to prevent hawk attacks. The coop has an automatic door that opens into the run. If the power goes out, the timer will not open and close the door at the correct time. My critter sitter is great about making sure the door is working but I still worry a little.


  1. Its a mammoth task planning to go away, I had two days away earlier this year, I needed a break just for getting ready for a break, the list just seemed to grow longer, I am going to be doing a white board of animal feeds as it can change over a few weeks and hubby always has to double check with me who is having what when hes home at the week end :-)
    Have a good trip

  2. We've had the opportunity to take several week-long trips over the years and have decided that, for us, the best thing to do is hire one of the nephews or nieces (or one of the more trustworthy late-high school/college age kids from the Church) to house-sit. We write down the schedule of all the chores that need done, do them with them one time a few days before we take off, let the family know who's going to be here (we have a lot of family that lives within 2 miles and a boatload that lives with in 15 miles), lay in a tidy supply of their favorite foods, give them the standard "one friend of the same gender and no parties speech, and can leave pretty much worry free.


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