Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Electronic Temptations

Every so often I notice myself becoming too wrapped up in electronic diversions- t.v., smartphone, Kindle, laptop, etc... This last time it was my laptop that was luring me from things that needed to be done so I moved it away from the sofa that beckons my weary bones as I walk into the room to an upstairs sitting room. Now it is in a place where I have to be intentional about sitting down and surfing away on an internet wave.

Unfortunately, my blog got pushed away into NeverLand also. Not only have I missed writing, I've missed what all my blogging friends have been up to lately. I've tried switching to the blogger app on my phone but the content is hard to type and picture posting is impossible. So I'm working out a schedule to include blogging at a regular day and time- where I can limit my time online and still keep up to date with all the fascinating things everyone else is doing.

How about y'all? Has anyone else started out blogging willy/nilly as the mood or idea strikes and then changed it up to a regular schedule? Any tips for how often you like to read and/or write blog posts?  


  1. Hi there
    I read blogs every morning with my coffee--it's the first part of my day.
    I post once a month, sometimes twice---depending on how much is going on in the garden. I don't post at all in the winter. I just use my blog for my own gardening journal.
    I have some folks on my list that blog once a week, some are every day. I don't read the every day ones all the time--it's overwhelming. Usually it works out that I'm reading 6 or 7 posts per day(That's my morning coffee time). Today I'm on midday because its HOT outside and it's something to do.

  2. Hi Hoosier Girl! I've been really bad about blogging this summer, too. I'm making an attempt at setting aside time Sunday afternoon to write, and try to keep up with reading in 15-20 minute chunks in the evenings. We'll see how it goes, but it gets a little easier as summer things, planned and unplanned wind down.


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