Monday, August 3, 2015

Eggs and Watermelons

My chickens have been under attack! Some have been taken by a bobcat-yes, we've seen the tracks- that's roaming the neighborhood and some (my favorite momma bird especially) have been carried off by a hawk. So numbers are down and I don't have a hen that will take care of hatching for me. As soon as the ban on bird public poultry sales is lifted, I'll get another Silkie hen from the Amish auctions. But until then I'm back to using the old incubator.

Yesterday was our annual Watermelon Sunday at church. Our county is famous for watermelon and we enjoy it every year- young and old.

After church we had a full day of prepping for the upcoming week- which has already started while I sit here tapping on a laptop. I guess I'd better get to work!


  1. You have a ban on bird public poultry sales??? Why? Avian flu or??? Doesn't sound good...

    1. The flu has caused many states to ban bird sales at public gatherings like auctions and flea markets. Also, poultry shows are prohibited (county, state fairs, etc...) Last I heard Indiana was still allowing sales from hatcheries and off the farm.

    2. Bummer, nothing here in Idaho so far....


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