Thursday, July 9, 2015

Super Homesteaders

In continuation of yesterday's post about NOT giving up...

 I really like connecting with other homesteaders on the internet. I read their blogs and check out their Facebook pages. They post pictures of their immaculate, cozy homes and their majestic roosters and mouthwatering desserts and manicured gardens. They've got it all together and are willing to show me how to do it too.

 It's easy to drool over all their accomplishments and feel oh, so small at the same time... to think I may as well give up because I am never going to get there, to forget they have a "behind the scene" somewhere. Well, No. More. I'm reading and learning and yearning AND reminding myself how far I've come....

 I might not have bushels of fresh-picked veggies to can and line up in rows in an ordered pantry. But the bushels of weeds I picked this week have saved me some small bucks in rabbit feed!

 I may not have fresh-baked cookies for sale. But I have picked a length of twine out of a shovel full of rabbit poop for sale- without losing my cookies!

 I may not have a row of drool worthy fresh-from-the-oven pies lined up to cool. But I have a pile of fresh-from-the-coop poop to cool!

 My rooster might not sit, stand, fetch, and pose for a picture on command. But I have fertile eggs and entertainment!

 I might not be swimming in goat's milk and fresh yogurt and cheese. But I've got a freezer full of meat and there is still hope for next year!

Yeah, I'm doing ok. Weeds and all.


  1. Your's sounds much better than mine at the minute :) we are just starting out so it looks like nothing on earth, we don't have even 1 acre of land, just a wee garden :)

  2. I understand what you mean. It's tough to look at the "perfect" homesteads and not feel like you're behind until you remember all the "behind the scenes!"

  3. We all do what we can where we are :) I envy people with more land!

  4. Great post! I know the feeling!


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