Friday, May 15, 2015

Bad Math

Math is not my thing, I'm a language arts kind of girl. Give me a sentence and I'll diagram it. Make me mad and I'll give you several perfect examples of bad grammar until I cool off. But math- meh. Don't get me wrong, I can work a headache inducing algebra equation, but if you want to throw some geometry at me I will duck and run. 

Today I needed some math skills to get through my morning chores. They failed me. Miserably. I came away with this lesson:

The formula for the distance of a lightning strike by observing said strike and hearing the thunder AND the formula for the distance of a storm from your location using the same set of variables is not equal to the time needed to fill a rabbit's water bottle and make it back to shelter. Nor is it equal to the time needed to drag a trash can from the roadside back to your house. It also does not equal the amount of time required to milk a goat. It CAN add up to 1 washer full of rain-soaked clothes if you factor in the stubbornness determination of 1 Hoosier Girl!

After 3 stop-and-starts the chores are done and the rain has set in to stay for a while. I think I'll spend the  rest of the day in a good literary work and maybe later I'll dust off my old college algebra books- for appearances sake!

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  1. Hi Hoosier Girl! We've been pretty wet up here too. I still haven't got all the way through my lawn yet. Maybe I'll get some "homestead embarrassment" pics up tomorrow and show the world how far behind I am.

    FYI - I have 5 semester's worth of calculus books laying around somewhere if you really get urge to warp your brain!


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