Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Backyard Nursery

We have babies!

First came the guineas.
 DH concocted a new playpen that will be much easier to clean. Mother hen is a little fussy but babies are doing well. (Who wouldn't be fussy with so many fuzz balls running around?)
All tucked in. 

And yesterday we got a nest full of bunnies!
 This morning I did a quick count (8, I think!) checked for any dead ones (none so far, yay!) and snapped a pic. But first I had to bribe mom with a carrot. She was a little fussy. (Who wouldn't be fussy with so many new mouths to feed?)
All tucked in.

 We've got a bunch of cuteness and some fussy moms. Maybe it's a good thing our poppies are blooming... Of course we can't use them to make them sleepy but they're pretty to look at while all the fussing is going on.

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  1. Actually, since they are all tucked in...maybe the poppies *are* working. ;)


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