Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Survived Another Weekend

DH got to come home for Easter weekend! He had just been home the weekend before so it threw my inner calendar for a loop as things go at a very different pace when he is here. Everything, every single last thing, gets done in a fast and furious pace to be completed before he has to leave and I go back to my slow, don'tevencarewhattimeitis life. The first couple days after he leaves, I spend catching up on all the everyday things that don't get done while he is home. The dishes and laundry and dust bunnies and mail are piled up until the work truck leaves the driveway and then I play catch up. Sometimes I wonder, will there ever come a day when we can each do our own thing at the same place and the same time? It's not in God's plans for now...

But we did get a lot accomplished!
Dh got some more concrete poured in his workshop. The chicken coop is thoroughly spring cleaned. All of the winter waterers that drive our electric bill sky high are packed away. We picked up some new rabbits at the auction (that's a story in itself! Stay tuned!) and spent several hours getting cages repaired and set up with water bottles, feeders, and shade. A row of garden got planted with sunflower seeds and several seedlings were started in the basement. DH got his work truck serviced and found out (in the nick of time!) that 2 of his tires were dangerously damaged so those were replaced. And a new kitchen faucet was finally purchased- hopefully to be installed soon!

Besides the working hours, we also made time for some fun!
We took a walk in the woods (too early for mushrooms but a hunting spot was picked out for next fall.) We drove around and hunted up some geocaches. We had a belated birthday dinner for DD with her hubby in town. We took my mom to her church for Easter sunrise service and then went to our own church for the regular service. It was so sweet to see all the little ones in their Easter finery! Sunday afternoon even spared us a little time for a nap on the couch.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun and productive weekend for sure. Great way to spend Easter if you ask me!!!

  2. Good stuff! We had the family at our house after Church for dinner this year. A respectable 25 folks, which is enough to make are usually comfortably large home get very tiny! Fortunately the weather was nice and the youngest kids all played outside, and the guys just kind of hung out outside. Glad you had a great weekend!


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