Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rabbit Adventure

Our old buck rabbit passed away last summer during the hottest part of the season. He was the only buck we had so we didn't get any fall babies to put in the freezer for winter. Instead I spent the entire winter searching for a new buck- on Craigslist and through all the rabbit and small animal Facebook groups I could find. I asked over and over and never got a reply. Not once.  Breeding time rolled back around and I had no buck

So in the middle of our hectic Easter weekend we made plans to go to the Friday night Amish auction and look for a rabbit. I'm not fond of buying rabbits there because I can't inspect the animal up close beforehand and have purchased ones that were "oops" the wrong sex before. But I was desperate so off to the auction we went. No big deal.

EXCEPT!- we had done a lot of hard work earlier that day and the auction was going to be standing room only and if we did get a seat it would be on a hard wooden bleacher and I wasn't going to be driving anyway and my back was killing me so taking one little pain pill wouldn't hurt. Oops!

So we went. And we stood. For over 2 hours with no room to turn around we watched them auction off the big chickens and the little peeps, the peacocks and the quail, the turkeys and the egg cartons, the feeders and the cages, the baby bunnies wrapped in Easter baskets and the hatching eggs of every sort, the bottle baby goats and the bottle baby sheep, the pheasants, and the hutches, the pet pigs and the ducklings, the geese and.... all the while we could see two Dutch rabbits, off to the side, waiting their turn. And all the while that pain pill was working, easing the pain in my back and making me just a little bit, er, um, happy. Oops!

As the 3rd hour of standing approached a cage came up for auction that was not getting a lot of interest. It needed some work but was sturdy so DH grabbed it up for a cheap $5. Because of the crowd he decided to go ahead and take it to the truck but before he left the building, he made sure I had the bidder number in case one of the rabbits we were interested in came up. And of course, as soon as he walked out- one did. Oops!

Well, one did with 3 other rabbits  of different breeds, in the cage with it. And the auctioneer didn't have any info on any of them- age, sex, breed, nothing. Needless to say the bids weren't high on them. So I (in my slightly wobbly state of mind) decided I was tired of waiting and tired of standing and tired of not having rabbits in the freezer. So I bought them. Oops!

By the time DH returned to the building, I was the embarrassed proud owner of 4 new rabbits. It was too dark to sex them in the parking lot so we came home and put them in temporary cages and crashed for the night.

The next morning I was delighted to discover that the Dutch rabbit was a buck! In fact they all were bucks. The other 3 are all friendly little guys who will make great pet quality babies to sell or maybe I'll just resell them. Either way for less than what I had been prepared to pay for one rabbit, I got four with a chance to recoup some of that for profit!

But the best deal of the night was that I got a reminder of what an understanding guy my DH can be. He never even blinked an eye when he found out what I'd done. He just turned around and went back to the truck to get a carrier for the new rabbits. No sighing or eye rolling or lectures, nope! He didn't even complain when he had to spend most of his Saturday assembling permanent cages for our new additions. But I bet he will think twice before he takes me to an auction after I'm medicated again! Oops!


  1. LOL - I'm glad your ordeal worked out as well as it did. That must be some auction. We have a big one here up north but I haven't been in decades. When I did go it was with my Dad to buy cattle in the "arena" and I never really paid attention to the small animal auction. Might be worth checking out.

    Sounds like your husband is a great guy. Just out of curiosity, how many rabbits do you usually keep, and how many go to the freezer each year? I've thought about doing rabbits, but have a number of project ahead of them.

    I had an experience with being out and about on pain meds a number of year ago after I had the ACL in my knee reconstructed. Mine didn't work out so well, but I didn't really like that car anyway! (I fell asleep and took out a mailbox, a patch of 1" scrub trees in a ditch, and put a 'ding' in the end of a small culvert. I was fine, the car was totaled.)

    1. Mark- If you ever get down this way on a Friday evening you should check it out! It's called "Dinkys" and is located in Montgomery. There's way more than animals- I think 7 rings at once. Everything from vehicles and building materials and garden plants and antiques and modern furniture!

      We keep (or used to anyway) 2 does and 1 buck. The does we have currently were new to us last year and haven't proven themselves yet. Last year was the first year we have had a place to raise them that was predator proof. In the past we have picked up young ones to grow out at the auction. I'd like to have 24 in the freezer for a year which is very doable with 2 does.

      Sorry about your car but wow! glad you are still around! I won't drive while taking them but that's a luxury I have due to being retired from a "regular job."

  2. Great score on the Dutch buck! And really, you should be happy that you didn't bid on a Llama or something!! :)


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