Friday, April 10, 2015

Lunchtime Ramblings

A storm was coming so I worked through breakfast on the garden. And I came in with a grumbling tummy! 

I headed straight for the fridge to find something quick and easy for lunch that wasn't an egg (had enough of those for a day or 2!) I scrounged up a couple hot dogs, that would be quick but decided to skip the buns (and the carbs.) 

So, hmmm, what to do with 2 hot dogs? Then I spied the almost empty jar of homemade sauerkraut. Bingo. I tossed the hot dogs in some water to heat them up and then proceeded to eat the kraut- right out of the jar. Every. Single. Bit. 

Then I looked at those 2 lonely hot dogs. What would I do with them now?? Give in and have some bread?? Nope. I decided to stick them in some beans. But what kind of beans? Well let me look.

Turns out I had a choice between black beans or red beans. Red beans it was. But who wants plain red beans? Not I. So I pulled out the ketchup and Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar to doctor them up. But first I had to rinse the icky stuff off the beans. What is that stuff anyway? Eww. 

Anyway, after all that good stuff simmered for a while, I had a delicious "low carb" lunch. Except for the beans. And the ketchup. And the brown sugar. And after reading the label- the hot dogs. 

Time to make some more kraut. sigh

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