Saturday, April 18, 2015


What brilliant mind was the first to decide that the days get longer from springtime to fall leaving us to concur that fall and winter days are shorter? I'm calling bull pucky on that. Not too long ago it was winter and from sunup to sundown was a very long time. I had nothing to do but curse the weather and look at seed catalogs and make sure all the critters were warm, dry and fed. That sure made for some long days of longing for outdoor adventures in the warm sun.

Now spring is here. And I don't care what any scientist says, the days must surely be getting shorter. For instance, yesterday, after I had "dairied" the milk and taken care of the critters it was still pretty early. So I thought I could get in a few summer chores before partaking of the warm sun doing some fun thing or other. But by the time I had line dried some laundry and potted some garden seeds and ran the camper dishes through the dishwasher and scooped a little more goat poop and bathed a couple beagles and raked out the chicken coop... I needed to sit down. So off to the couch I went.

And a little while later, when my back was ready to try venturing out for some sun, it (the sun) was gone. Poof. No more sunny sky. Longer days? Lies I tell ya!


  1. And the double lie, which is still a bit of a raw wound for us Hoosiers, is the whole Daylight Savings thing. I'm not seeing any savings, and it generally ends up costing us early morning risers in sleep. Lies upon Lies!!!


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