Saturday, April 25, 2015

Eating Greens

It was pouring down rain this morning- a deluge! My original plan was to pick some clover and dandelion to feed to the rabbits. There's no sense in giving them the expensive pellets when I've got a yard full of the free stuff. Besides, the pellets don't stay dry during a heavy rain and I just have to empty the soggy mess out of their feeders. I waited forever for the rain to let up but it wasn't agreeing with me. Since I didn't want to get soaked, I chopped up some carrots and divided them between all the cages. Good for them? Probably not. But it will keep their tummies happy for a while. I don't believe a rare treat is such a bad thing. And I save those treats for days like today- as a holdover til I can feed them a more nutritious meal. And now the rain has slacked off and I'm off to pick some greens. Because....

eating greens is a special treat

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