Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cleaning Out the Fridge

My fridge is full to busting! So this is what I did today to reduce some of the crowding:

1. Too much milk! Four of the space hog quart jars of milk are now a small bowl of queso blanco.

2. Too many eggs! Egg cartons take up a lot of space. So I boiled one dozen of the eggs and put them into a quart of pickling solution for snacking.

3. Leftover pickling solution? The package said it would keep for one week in the fridge. But hey, if it's going to be taking up space, it might as well be pickling something. A quick rummage through the crisper drawer found a bag of radishes that were just hanging out until I decided to compost them. Not anymore! Pickled radishes will be another treat!

4. And the big jar! My really big jar was full of  dandelion tea which finally got processed into the jelly that was the reason I picked the dandelions to begin with. Jars are pinging on the counter and the big jar is back on the shelf!

All that processing and preserving emptied out a lot of containers that had to be washed. Then the processing pots, pans, etc... had to be washed. So I've been busy in the kitchen today! But I don't mind because I have a lot of neat new goodies to snack on and room to spare in the fridge- at least til tomorrow, when it's time to milk and collect the eggs again...

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