Friday, April 24, 2015

Backyard Maternity Ward

In the next couple weeks I should be getting baby bunnies! We haven't had rabbit in the freezer for a long time so I'm really hopeful that our girls took and that they successfully raise some babies. One of them has raised some before but the other didn't quite figure out what she was supposed to be doing. Fingers crossed for this go around or she will have to go.

And I'm looking forward to a new batch of guineas. I purchased six eggs from a farmer in a Facebook group I belong to. They were first of the season (my broody hen was setting and I wanted her to be the babysitter) but I'm hoping they were healthy, fertile eggs. Mama hen has been very diligent in keeping them warm! I'm not overly fond of guineas but last year was the first summer we hadn't had any in a long time and it was also the first summer in a long time that we found back to the guineas we go!

We don't have an expectant mama cat but we are hoping to get a kitten or two from a friend when they are weaned. We really need a barn cat to help with the.... oh, you don't need the details. Everyone knows why barn cats are necessary. Anyway it will be fun to have some new little fur babies to enjoy.


  1. Ok, I just had somebody ask me last night why we don't have gunieas for the ticks. We have a buttload of chickens, but I was wondering, seriously, do the gunieas do that much better of a tick-eating job than the chickens? Maybe we'll have to get a few to find out I suppose.
    And can't WAIT for your post pictures about the kittens. You WILL be posting cute kitten pictures, right????

    1. We're not in a tick infested area so I was surprised to find any on us last year. I have to assume the guineas made the difference. They're also great little guard fowl! Nothing is coming into their yard without their permission. But boy are they loud!
      Kitten pictures- check!


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