Thursday, April 16, 2015

Back to Work

Yesterday was a fun day off in the kitchen. I had a great time of creativity! Making goodies and trying new recipes is very enjoyable to me. Even the clean up seems like less of a chore after I've made something from a home grown item versus something I picked up at the store. There's an in-explainable satisfaction to it.

 But today the outside chores are calling screaming. The goat pen especially is needing its spring cleaning. The stinky smell of buck rut is fading into goodgriefthepoopandwastedhayarepiledup stench.

So I will head out there (as soon as I'm done blogging) to start the cleanup. It's a very demanding job that must be done in a certain order to finish with your life intact. The steps are: inhale, hold breath, scoop, exhale, dump, repeat. Breathing, especially, at the wrong time CAN be deadly. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. Maybe you will only pass out. But I think I'd rather die than come to in a steamy pile of poopy, wasted hay. Just my preference. Anyway, as I type I'm mentally preparing....breathe in.....breathe out....

It won't be all bad, though. No sir! Kids will frolic, birds will be singing, Ronnie will try to eat my bandana,.. And on the other side of the fence I'll see my roosters taking the last of the leftover spaghetti to their favorite hens. The sunflowers are pushing through the earth in the garden. Lilacs are starting to bloom.

So, off I go.  Breathe in....breathe out....


  1. Sound like time for an oxygen tank!

  2. I remember the same thing when spring cleaning the cattle barn as a teen. The difference is we had a small loader tractor for most of the "up close and personal" work.


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