Monday, March 16, 2015

No Shenanigans

Want to know a dirty little secret? My DH and I like the Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds. Shhhh.

Every year we make a date to have one together. Oooh. All that artificial flavoring and coloring and (gasp!) corn syrup. This year I had to drive to St. Louis so we could have our annual indulgence together. We had a great time exploring the neighborhood, went to a church service, and found a park to walk in. And we went to McDonalds to satisfy our sweet tooth and chat.

Want to know what we talked about? We talked about our fridge full of raw milk and all those healthy things I was going to make with it when I got back home, about how he shouldn't be surprised if he gets an email from Amazon that said his order of rennet was being shipped, about the need to find a new styrofoam cooler to make yogurt in because the old one had blown away in a wind storm.

Sweet? Yes       Ironic? Yes     Do it again next year? Definitely!


  1. Quick order some cheese cloth with that rennet.

    Glad you guys had a good time!!!!

  2. The fun, little things like that go a long way in helping to keep a marriage strong. Good for you, sugar, food coloring and all! Glad you had a great time.


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