Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It

Know what can happen if you separate a doe in heat and a buck in rut with an old rigged up not-livestock gate?

(Notice the hinges on the left)

So how does this Mrs. Fix-It repair that???
Like this:
(Notice the ingenious recycling of the baling twine)

 And how long do you think that repair job lasted with a stud like my guy?
(Notice the stature and muscle structure)

 It worked great for about 15 minutes! So I replaced the baling twine with zip ties...which held up fine....but then Moose decided to make his own opening between the bar that holds the wire and the gate side. Yikes. I finally pushed a trash can full of concrete blocks in front of the hole to block his homemade entrance. That dissuaded him for all of a day. After he managed to foil that attempt, I. Gave. Up.

Luckily, the next day Mr. Fix-It came home and did this:
(Notice the rebuilt gate and the hinges back where they go but pay no attention to the trash can full of concrete blocks!)

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  1. Wow! Now that is determination. We used to have some of that trouble with bulls and heifers on the beef farm I grew up on. We tried to keep at least 100 yards between the bull pen and the rest of the herd. Electrified barb wire fencing usually did the trick, but more than once we had to replace a wooden gate where 2000 lbs of "love-sick" polled hereford bull just couldn't stand it any longer.


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