Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Melting and Milking and Mud

This is THE day! The first day of milking has arrived. I jumped out of bed, grabbed the milking supplies, and raced to the pen to get the first bucket full of fresh-from-the-goat goodness! OK, that was a lie. But in my mind that's how I pictured the big event. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth is:

 I rolled out of bed slowly because I aggravated my back again (cast iron skillet full of gravy, long story) and fixed a pot of coffee while I ransacked my brain about where the milking supplies were stored. Then I poured a cup of coffee and jumped onto Facebook to see what all the "fun" people were doing. Then I meandered over to the window to see if any ice had melted. It had! Most of the ice is gone!!

 But it was raining. (For those of you who don't know, I don't have a milking room. My milk stand is in the wide open tiny space of a goat pen surrounded by a huge slab of ice moat of Indiana mucky mud.) So off I went to check the weather.... rain off and on all day. Perfect! Off and on means I will have time during the shower to gather up all the equipment for before, during, and after milking. And I can squeeze in a blog "hello" and locate all my old yogurt and cheese recipes saved to my computer. And finishing off that cup of coffee will surely help to get me focused on the task of retraining a goat to the milk stand! Once the rain stops, I can dash out to the pen and coax Ronnie to the stand and try out the new hobble I got and try to get the milk back to the house with a minimum of rain water added. Whew! And then: I will have MILK!!!! Woo Hoo!

I'm so glad this is THE day! (I wonder if all those "fun" people know what they're missing?)


  1. Well.....did you ever get out there to milk? Hahah!

  2. I hope Ronnie is a girls name. Otherwise that might have been an interesting milking :)

  3. Hi, Hoosier Girl! I'm in the 'better late than never' mode of catching up on posts. I can what I have to look forward to, and am forewarned that it is my best interest to come up with an indoor milking arrangement if possible.

    A question: Do o you always let your goats go dry during the winter? Does it just always work out that way, or did it just work out that way this year?

    1. We dried her up in the winter of 2013-14 for several reasons, most importantly I did not have the desire to milk in the snow that never ended that winter. We didn't have a buck to breed her to for milk last spring. This year I will milk until winter gets the best of me again. The three kids on her now will go to freezer camp and she will be bred to the dairy buck for kids next spring. Hopefully we'll get a more dairy doeling out of them!


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