Monday, March 30, 2015

March Flashback

 Each month I'm sharing a flashback post of the same month in a different year...a stroll down memory lane. This one is from March 4, 2012. I've learned a lot since then!

Well, Well, Well

Before we moved onto our little acre, I had very little experience with water wells. The first house I remember living in as a little girl had a well on the back porch. It had a hand pump on it that was broken. And I can still see my mom, lifting off the plywood cover, dropping a bucket tied to a rope down into the cavern, and drawing up a little water each time. Each time she would say, "I don't want to ever catch you around this well, hear me?" The health department had declared the water unfit for drinking so this water was only used for washing up and laundry. Every week my dad would load up 5 gallon buckets and drive to Grandma's house to get our drinking water. We moved out of that house when I was 12. I lived on "municipal water" from that time on.
 Err, until we moved here, where there isn't "municipal water." So I am back to having a well. Of course I'm glad not to have a water bill!  
 This well (even though it is at least several decades old) is a lot more modern than the one I remember as a kid. All I can see of it is a little concrete pipe. covered with a cap, sticking out of the ground. Everything pertaining to the well-maintenance, repairs, generally understanding how it works... is in DH's territory. He tells me there is a pump in the well and the only thing I NEED to know (pay attention, this is important) is that the pump is run by ELECTRICITY. Believe it or not, it took me a while to catch on to the importance of this. But it has been drilled into my head lovingly emphasized over the years.
  If the power goes out, there is no water. There was a time when, if that happened and DH wasn't home, I would have loaded up the kids and waited it out at a motel. But now there are animals to take care of (I'm pretty sure the Super 8 doesn't allow chickens) and well, gosh darn it, I have to try self-sustaining first. Which is why "people like us" store jugs of drinking water year round. And if we hear of a threat of bad weather, we fill up buckets of livestock water and the bathtub with "flush the toilet" water. If you were with me last year, you might remember how I learned to prepare for storms, THE HARD WAY. With this last round of bad weather and spring just around the corner I thought it was a good time to remind myself of this lesson learned! 


  1. Have you considered a solar pump for emergencies?

  2. We inquired about having a well dug. Quoted 3-5K. No thanks. Instead I hope to get some rain barrels installed at the gutters.


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