Saturday, February 7, 2015

Torture Sessions

 You may be wondering why my blog post count is going up so fast. You can blame it on my physical therapist. I'm still suffering from a herniated disc so the at-home therapy exercises have been increased. If it helps get rid of this pain then I am all for it- the pretzel twisting and Stretch Armstrong yoga poses, the core building and muscle burning. But after each session, I find myself running for the nearest heating pad and a few minutes of sitting. I've got my laptop stationed right beside the heating pad and soooooo... ablogging I go!

 If you've managed to hang in here with me this long, you might want to stick around for the next post. It will be #400 and I've got something special for one lucky reader. Check back and see!


  1. When I was 40 I had to have a knee reconstructed due to a serious "failure to act his age" attack. I didn't get a new joint, but they rebuilt what I had with part of my hamstring, a handful of little bitty screws and brackets, and medical grade hammer and ice pick-looking thing, and an honest to goodness Black and Decker electric drill. There was some serious physical therapy associated with that recovery and "torture" is definitely a fitting description.

    Hang in there! It does get better... Eventually.

  2. Have you tried acupuncture? It's great for swelling and pain. When I came down with sciatica over a year ago, so I got aggressive with accu and Chiro. Within 3 days I was off meds, pain free and no spasms. I read you "have to live with it", BS :) I hope you're icing after heat? That can increase swelling, you might check with your Doc?


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