Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Cure For Cabin Fever

Three days without seeing another human being is enough for me (I'm a weakling in the flying solo department.)  I woke up desperately needing contact with a creature who doesn't bleat, cluck, thump, meow, or bark.  So I set off to cure my cabin fever.

The temp was a balmy 4* but the wind made it feel like  -7*.  The state snow plows had left a nice mountain of a snow fort at the end of my driveway. To get to the city streets I had to drive on a state highway and a county road. None of those departments had put any salt or sand down. So everywhere the snow had been walked on, drove over, plowed, or drifted was a solid layer of ice.

I took the 4 wheel drive truck knowing full well that I was going to slide right on into town- I'm not one of those drivers who think 4 wheel drive means anything on ice (no offense, if you're one who thinks otherwise.) It was a lot of fun driving 30 miles per hour and slipping around the country corners- until the truck behind me got a little too close for comfort. Then the rubber boots I wore (for traction) got a little too warm for comfort. And the city intersections got a little too crazy for comfort.

So I hurried through my errands, getting in the longest lines so I could chat with real people before I checked out, and got back home as soon as I could safely do so. I think if I start to get cabin fever again, the memory of that little trip to town should cure it real quick!


  1. You are braver than I would be! We don't get snow where I live....unless you count the 3 snowflakes that came down in January 1977.....LOL! We are expecting freezing temperatures here in central/south Florida tonight though. All my critters are bedded down with extra hay, the barn is closed up, except for a 12" opening for the guardian dogs to squeeze in and out. Chickens have plenty of bedding hay in their laying boxes and I have put up anything I can find to block the wind on the north and west sides of their coops. The pot of chili on the stove is about ready to eat and I have a brand new book to start reading. Life is Goooooood! Blessings to you!

  2. Ya know I read a story some years back about a Japanese man who had died and mummified in his apartment only to be found some 21 years later. All I could think of when I read the article was how much I envied someone who could be left alone for 21 years when I cannot even seem to get even 2 full days in a row without someone bothering me :)

    I love being snowed in. Finally some peace!!!


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