Sunday, February 8, 2015

Post Number 400- Giveaway!

We did it!! We got to post #400! We are a great team- I wrote and you read and together we got here. So let's celebrate -Woo Hoo! 

 I received my order from Johnny's Seeds yesterday and in it was a prize for one lucky reader, a $25 gift certificate and order catalog. There will be a random drawing on Monday, Feb. 16. See the ways to enter below.

 Each of these steps will earn one entry.

1. Leave a comment with what kinds of seeds you will be planting this year.

2. Share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Circle, Blog, etc,... and leave another comment saying you did so.

3. Send a friend here to enter and have them mention you sent them in their comment.

(If you are having problems leaving a comment, you can do it anonymously and just type your name in the comment, or contact me via the form on the left of this page.)

Easy Peasy! Now get to drooling over those garden plans!


  1. So far I plan on the usual. 70 tomatoes or so, Peppers, etc. I also hope to put in a patch of Pumpkins again and a couple acres of clover and whatever as a rotation field....

    Gonna be a busy Spring!!!

  2. I plant basil, calendula, lemon cukes, radishes, baby carrots, beans, pickling cukes, various sunflowers. I'd love some free seeds :)

  3. Hooray for 400! Congrats. We do lots of heirloom veggies, sunflowers, marigolds, but this year I am also planting milkweed for the butterflies.

  4. I tweeted.

  5. Congratulations on #400. Don't enter me it might not seem fair if I won.

  6. Hurray for 400! I enjoy your posts and am so happy that the kids were healthy! I'm ready to start onion seeds and then just about everything else you can think of for a garden - except cauliflower - I can't stand cauliflower. The Johnnyseeds certificate would pay for potatoes.


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