Thursday, February 5, 2015

Off to Town

 We got a tiny bit of snow, a few slick spots, and a great big wallop of cold last night. So today I am driving my DM to her doctor appointment. Then I'm going to drag her to the fabric store to help me get some supplies. I've got some ideas of stuff to make and sell at our Farmer's Market this summer. (I had some ideas for last year but I quickly learned that if you don't make good use of your winter off time, those ideas will get lost in the summer frenzy.) So I'm getting busy!

 Yesterday, I sent in my seed order to Johnny's seeds.  I'm trying so hard to be prepared this year. I ordered seeds for some things I'm hoping to sell along side the crafts I make...some cut flowers, some less common produce...there's no sense in even thinking about competing with the big, local farms. I'll have to be different.

 Speaking of being prepated... While I was ordering seeds, I also ordered something a little special for my blog. This is my 397th post and I'm planning a giveaway announcement for #400! Stay tuned folks!

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