Saturday, February 28, 2015

Heading Out/Running Away/ESCAPING WINTER

I've been planning this trip to Texas to visit relatives for months. MONTHS! I'm taking my DSister along with me and she has been looking forward to this trip, also, for MONTHS. Guess what lies directly on the route from my house to Texas?!? Winter Storm Sparta. That's what. Erg!!!! Just 2 weeks ago I got a text from my other DSister (who happens to live in the exact spot this trip is ending at) and she was COMPLAINING about how she hadn't gotten any winter at all this year, it was SO warm there, blah...blah...blah. Erg!!! Guess who was sliding around her ice rink of a back yard when I read that text?!? Me. That's who. I sure do hope that other DSister is enjoying her winter while I'm driving hours further south than I wanted to just to miss Winter Storm Sparta. Erg!!!

 On the bright side, I'm going to meet two new little members of the family. Gee, I guess some baby snuggles might make up for all this winter fun I haven't been having. And a road trip with a sister is going to be fun no matter which direction we're going. And while I'm away someone else will be getting the pleasure of rubber boot skating in the back yard.

So I'll be away for a week or so trying to look on the bright side. Be back soon!


  1. Have a safe trip!!! put some snow in a cooler and pelt the other sister with snow balls when you get there :)

  2. Safe travels and all. We'll see if we can conjure up a bit of warmer weather for you come home to.

  3. My rhubarb is up, and it's WAY too early. At least we're getting back in the "normal" 20's/40's now...

  4. Yay for Sister Trips! Have a fun and safe time :)


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