Saturday, February 21, 2015

27 And Counting

27 days til spring! I took a stroll  slid and slushed and sunk around the yard today before the next wave of  snow/sleet/freezing rain gets here and looked for spring under the ice. Who else is ready for....

Brown-eyed Susans

Bird's nests and Blueberries

Beautiful roses



  1. Heh I never thought of taking Winter pics of the various plants around here. I am like you though. I generally like Winter but I am ready for some warmer temps I can count on now.

  2. Ready for Spring to come! Neat pics. :)

  3. Me! Me! I'm ready for all those things! Knowing that in the near term none of that is likely I'd be happy to settle for, oh, a string of 25 degree days with just a dusting of new snow. Sadly, in the very near term, I'm not gonna get that either. Bucking up, here, and just dealing with it. Nice pics, by the way. Looking forward to some with a bit of green in the mix.

  4. Seems like a million years! We need a countdown, a GOOD (non-snow, non-ice) countdown :)


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