Thursday, January 8, 2015


I've been pondering fermenting for about a year now, approaching it cautiously. I poke the idea in my head with a sharp stick and then wait a few days to see if it's still there. I always think of it as some "mysterious, dark art."  Ooooohhh (creepy floating ghost voice)

But after attending the Mother Earth News Fair and seeing everyone talk about it as a common, everyday thing, I'm ready to try it head on.  So far I've made fermented pepper sauce. It is delicious on everything! But I stopped the fermentation before it got too "tangy." I'm sure there's some little probiotic critters in there but I didn't give them a chance to multiply and conquer the world, just a tiny battle in my gut!

Now I've moved on to sauerkraut. I just did a little batch in a quart jar on my kitchen counter. It was really neat to think I was making my own heath food in my own home. And I was surprised at how much I liked the taste. It was NOTHING compared to the can of beige stuff that I cringed to see my DH open every time I mentioned pork in the menu- that  mushy, slimy, sour but tasteless glob that plopped into the pan. YICK (yick is like yuck- only worse!) No, my concoction is crunchy and tangy and perfect!

I'm not going to bore you with the benefits of eating foods that have probiotics- you can look it up and decide for yourself. And if you decide to try fermenting your own food, please find a reputable source for instructions. The method I used is the same as the one you can find by searching "Mother Earth News Sauerkraut video." If you've already tried fermentation, I'd love to hear about your experience!

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  1. De (my wife) has made sauerkraut for me two years in a row now. She has a 3 gallon crock she makes it in with a plate and some cans out the pantry for compression. Usually a couple heads of cabbage out of the garden go to 'kraut, and the rest go to freezer slaw and fresh cole slaw. She also stops it before it gets real sour/tangy. The way it comes out (crunchy and tangy like yours) she even likes it. I would still eat the 'store bought' stuff over a spicy brat if I had to, but she never ate it, and the homemade stuff is sooo much better. De uses the recipe in the Ball Blue canning book, so we end up with a handful of sauerkraut canned in jelly jars and that is enough to get us through the winter.

    Glad your first shot at sauerkraut came out great. Good luck with more in the future.


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