Saturday, January 31, 2015

Autopsy Report #2

In continuation of possible ways I could die while homesteading...

Way back when my 4 kids were little, like toddler sized, my DH would teach them silly little songs that he liked. Cute, huh? One of the songs they would sing over and over and over was called "Chicken Train." It's just a little Appalachia type song that was released by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils way back in the 70's. The tune was catchy but the lyrics made absolutely no sense to me. But if young 'uns are singing they are not into trouble so....whatever. 
 But as those young 'uns got older they started questioning things, like- "Is Chicken Train REALLY a song, mom?" And "What do the words to the Chicken Song mean?" I had no answers to the last one. So I dodged it just like all the other questions I couldn't answer- with a cookie and a "go ask your dad."

 Now fast forward 20 some years and I have a yard full of chickens who like to make a little line and follow me everywhere I go. And sometimes, while they're back there, I find myself humming "Chicken Train" as we walk around- (I leave out the lazer beam part, We don't have electronic chickens.) 

 Yesterday as I and my little chicken train were walking to the garden where I toss out their daily sunflower seed ration, I spied a beautiful male cardinal in the bare branches of an apple tree. He was a gorgeous bird and his red feathers just POPPED against those black branches. My breath caught and I just stopped dead in my tracks. The chickens behind me, however, did not. So here is


Subject was unable to avoid impending collision and expired on the spot. Her body was discovered after the pile of chickens had been removed from the pileup and so a closed casket will be recommended due to chicken tracks on body.

If you're unfamiliar with the song, you can check it out here:


  1. So reading this one reminded me of a silly song I learned from my Mom as a young kid. She had learned it from her Mom, my grandmother, while growing up in the depression years.. I had the privilege, one that I did not appreciate at the time, of hearing Grandma and most of her 12 kids sing it a family re-union sometime in my pre-teen years in the 60s. I've never seen a credible reference as to it's origins, but a quick internet search revealed several folks with memories of slightly different versions. I never learned a title, but the 'net seems to indicate it might be one of two songs entitled "Trail of the Lonesome Pine". Well, maybe.... I made a point of teaching it my my kids as they were growing up and am doing the same for my grandkids.

    On the blue mountains of Virginia,
    Sat a cow on a railroad track.
    She was a lovely cow, with eyes divine,
    But how do you 'spect a cow to read a railroad sign?

    So she sat, in the middle of the track,
    And the train, came and hit her on the back.
    Now you'll find her horns in ol' Virginia
    And her tail on a lonesome pine.

    By the way I share your captivation with the image of a Cardinal against the gray-white background of winter. I put a few pictures that I took of Cardinals and other birds at our feeders in my last post.

  2. Oh my goodness. Best song ever. Thank you!


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