Thursday, December 4, 2014

What is Normal?

Since I am 99.9% sure that we are NOT normal around here (no I didn't take a survey but I have seen commercials) I have to wonder...

How much money do "normal" households budget for bleach?

How many slow cookers are in a "normal" kitchen?

How many trips to town do "normal" country folk make in one day? And/or how many days do they stay home between "town days,"

How many canning jars/incubators/seed starters/butchering kits are in a "normal" basement?

How many pairs of boots are in a "normal" mudroom?

How many pairs of bib overalls does the "normal" laundry room hold?

How many bottles of vinegar are in a "normal" pantry?

How many egg cartons does a "normal" housewife save?

How many "normal" families wish they lived like us?


  1. Hi Hoosier Girl! Let's see...

    De buys the bleach, but not THAT often.

    2 slow cookers in our kitchen.

    Only 1 or 2 days (at the most) days between 'town days'. When we go its usually 1 per day, EXCEPT major homestead project days usually require 2 trips and car fixing days sometimes take 3 trips (grrr!). I work 'in town' so I'm not counting those trips.

    Many dozens of canning jars, no butcher kits (yet), no incubators, and seed starters are in the shed.

    6 pairs of boots in the entryway, including the ones for the 2 granddaughters. At least 3 more in the closet.

    2 sets of Carhart bibs in the closet.

    I think there or 3 or 4 vinegar bottles in the pantry, but there are another 3 or 4 around the house for cleaning.

    We have dozens of egg cartons. We have 13 laying hens and get between 8 and 12 eggs a day. Friends save them for us, so we usually have way more than we need.

    I think most 'normal' families like their 'normal' lives. We like the homesteading life, so I guess that places us among the ranks of the 'abnormal'. We're ok with that! God Bless!

    1. Egg cartons are feast or famine around here!

  2. I resist going to town at all unless called in for work. I think my longest stretch without going into town was 15 days where I didn't even leave my own property. I finally left to pick up a bunch of RR ties at the lumber place to finish a project.

    1. It's funny- when I NEED to go I don't want to. But if I'm getting lonely I'll make up any old excuse to get around people.

  3. I live in a city, so it's all relative...

    1. A lot of my relatives live in the city...some normal, some not so much :)


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