Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Intruder Alert!

Beagle Barking Code (at my house, your mileage may vary):
If one is barking during the day- the other has something the barker wants.
If one is barking at night-  the coyotes have started a chorus and the barker is joining in (alto or tenor, depends on the tune.)
If both are barking day or night- something or someone is on the premises. Barking at the front door indicates a car in the driveway. Back door barking is a critter alert (friend or foe, it doesn't matter) and both barkers will be scrambling to get out the pet door at the same time in this case.

This morning before I even had my first cup of coffee poured, both dogs started barking and scrambling out the back door. I followed them out in my sock feet, hair and housecoat flapping behind me. Immediately they went to a corner of the fence- continuing the barking. The goats were all cowering together in their pen and the chickens were raising a ruckus. But I didn't know if this was caused by an intruder or the dogs barking.

I guess one of the advantages to living on small property is being able to see most of it from any spot. Only the outbuildings block the view when the leaves have left the trees and berry bushes. As I glanced in the direction of their pointing, I saw a blur of white run through the fruit trees toward the open field. I turned back to the house to grab the gun but nothing was there when I went back out.

I can't think of any animal that is white except a dog or the back-end of a deer. Either way, it didn't turn out to be a threat. But I'm thankful to have two barking beagles on the force! And they're cute, too!

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  1. Heh. Our main watch dog (when he is not laying on the couch which happens more often now that he is older) hates birds of prey. Hawks, Eagles, Owls, any big bird if it lands in a tree or on the electric lines he goes nuts barking at it like it's gonna get something. Took me the longest time to figure out what he was all in a ruckus about.


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