Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogger Block

I'd like to write a great entry for this week but there's nothing new here. Zip. Nada. Nuttin'. Looking for funny incidents and  hold-your-breath-til-we-see-if-this-works experiments? Go somewhere else. I'm not crocheting anything, minimal Christmas decorations are up, the critters are too fat to be sassy, and nothing is leaking or broken. I take that back- the oven is broken and the kitchen faucet is dripping. But that's been going on for a while, hardly blog worthy now. So....... there you have it. I've jinxed myself and probably just insured a catastrophe or disaster will be arriving soon. I'll try to make it as funny/fascinating/educational as possible. So come back next time with your seat belt on (just in case!)


  1. Sometimes quiet is good :)
    But glad you checked in!

  2. I get those, too. Sometimes a couple of weeks with nothing, then all of a sudden I see a host of things that make good blog material and I'm back in the game!


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