Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jail Break

Every morning I'm greeted by a hen running up the path to meet me. As soon as I get close enough for her to be sure I'm going to follow, she turns around and races back to the gate of the chicken pen. There she waits for me to open the gate and let her back in. Every. Single. Day.  I don't get it... she's on the roost every night so her escape has to happen after the little door opens in the morning. WHY? Why does she have the urge to jump the fence, just so she can fret to be let back in? Hmmm, to get to the other side, maybe?
Mocking the jail birds


  1. Have you trimmed her flight feathers?

  2. Is your habitual escapee an Easter Egger? Can't tell from the pic. If we have an escape we know it's going be a particular Easter Egger She has been "the one" since we got them and De named her "Houdini" for her ability to find a way out after we think we've plugged all the holes.


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