Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thrift Store Scores

I took the day off from homesteading and drove to the big city down south (Evansville) to spend the day with my DDIL(dear daughter-in-love.)  We hit up a bunch of thrift stores!

My first big find was an hot air popcorn popper. Some of you may remember my desperate search for one a couple years ago. I finally did find one but it's developed a strange noise when I use it. Who knows how long it will last? I really put the thing to work! So I've vowed to purchase a few more as I run across them. The one I found today was under $5-yay!

Next I came across a pair of brand-new condition Timberland shoes. They're the leather flats that look kinda like ballet slippers, perfect to wear with anything and very comfortable. I've been trying to invest in better quality shoes this year (it's made a huge difference in my pain level!) I couldn't find the exact match but a comparable pair of these shoes on the Timberland website is $90. I got this pair for $8-woo hoo!

That was it for the material goods but I also got to chalk up a great day of visiting with a sweet lady-priceless!

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