Thursday, July 31, 2014

Naked Ladies and Criminals

The Naked Ladies- aka Magic Lilies - are blooming!

 I have these beauties in several places and I have to say they are my favorite flowers on the place. I just think it is so cool how they show their attitude. In the early spring up pops all their green finery, in anticipation of their pretty flowers. And then...nothing. The leaves just turn yellow and wilt away, as if the girls want to thumb their nose at you. Then later in the summer...wham! Almost overnight their stalks shoot up and within a few days, they grace the yard with their blooms. (Too sexy for their leaves?!?)

One of my patches of Naked Ladies is looking ragged, though. 
 Sadly, this is my favorite spot- front and center of my front yard for all who pass by to see. The ones that are knocked down won't have blooms this year. The ladies have been accosted by a rough vandal. I strongly suspect the culprit is the same dirty dog that left his/her calling card in my yard a few weeks ago. Of course it isn't the dog's fault. Shame on his/her owners for this. I wonder if they know Indiana has a leash law? This time the damage was only a few flowers. Next time will my chickens or rabbits be the victims? It has happened too many times to count. I've battened down the hatches for all my critters. It bothers me that I have to do that on my own land because of someone else's ignorance. But I'm thankful for the remaining flowers- bright spots of the day!

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