Thursday, July 3, 2014


Yesterday afternoon...
 We had gorgeous weather and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I hung clothes on the line and mowed our little acre of land.

 I got a call from DS#1! My sailor boy is enjoying his last weeks of leave out in the middle of nowhere-hiking and camping and all the things he loves!

Last night...
 After our church Bible study was over, we all went outside to admire the new flag and flagpole. A circle of church family bowed our heads and thanked God for His blessings and our freedom.

This morning...
  I cooked eggs from my own hens in my own backyard. I toasted bread that had never been in a grocery store. I sliced a tomato from my own garden.

 After breakfast I went back to that garden and pulled up 2 armloads of turnips. Back in the kitchen I had turnip stalks and dirt and bugs and dirty water to deal with- so much fun. But now the turnips and greens are ready to cook, I don't have to worry about hunger.

Later today...
 I might load up some fishing gear and go wet a line. Or if the mood strikes, I might go for a hike myself. Then we're going to get together with DD and DSIL to celebrate a birthday.

And during all this...
 Daily life and special occasions, working and recreation, fellowship and solitude, service and sacrifice, I'm thankful I'm doing it all in the United States of America. I hope you have a Happy 4th!

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  1. Sigh, this sounds like a perfect day. Happy 4th to your family!


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