Sunday, July 27, 2014

Husband Update

 DH has been home for 3 weeks with work injuries. He suffered some compression fractures and pulled muscles in his back. There hasn't been many treatment options- painkillers and rest. So we wait for healing....and wait...and wait. Sitting still and doing nothing are hard tasks to master when you're a go-getter kind of guy, so for his sanity (and mine) we've found a few things to do that don't require a lot of physical effort. I've been busier than normal, keeping him entertained and enjoying his company. The weeds have grown a little more, dirty dishes have stacked up, laundry has piled up, and the dogs have voiced their jealous displeasure.

 But things are slowly returning to normal. His pain now comes and goes. I am getting out to the garden for more than a few minutes a day. We've started planning the space for this winter's freezer camp. We've made a couple trips to the farmers' market to pick up what we didn't grow ourselves. The chores are back on schedule. Blogging has resumed. Our blessed little homestead carries on!

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  1. So sorry to hear that. I have used acupuncture with great success for pain and inflammation. I was supposed to have foot surgery and 3 treatments got the swelling down to where I didn't have to have any. You might consider it...


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