Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lessons Learned Lately #9

Lessons Learned Lately- are lists of little tips, things I've learned (usually the hard way) that I find humorous.

1. Introduce your goats to new machines slowly. Let them get used to the sound of the leaf blower before you start rounding up goat berries. Panicked goats forget that you're the provider of the tasty alfalfa pellets they refuse to live without.

2. After the hysteria of having a loud machine in the goat pen wears off, goats would rather chew off the wooden handles on the wheel barrow than watch goat berries rolling across their yard.

3. If you convince a goat that wooden handles aren't tasty, she will try to eat your clothing while you are blowing on goat berries.

4. If you are successfully rounding up berries AND keeping your shirt intact, DO NOT LOOK BEHIND YOU!!! ( unless you want to see the trail of fresh berries that the shirt-eating goat is leaving on the freshly cleaned dirt.)

5. It is impossible to get every single little goat berry out of the pen. You surely will develop some weird mental disorder if you try.

5. Don't read number 3 out loud if you are in mixed (non-goat-owning) company. They will give you those "worried" looks.


  1. Wow that sounds exciting! Too much to rake or could you put them somewhere else while you blow?

    1. They "help" me when I rake also! LOL I have yet to find a rake that the berries don't slip through. Blowing is my experiment for this year. It looks like it will be a good option... once the goats get used to it. Fun times!


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