Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Things Are Growing- weeds and all

The Peony is our state flower. We transplanted this one 3 years ago and it has finally decided to forgive us! They smell great and I love to cut them...but they also attract ants.

 If we could grow mushrooms as easily as toadstools, we could make a killin'!


 Some of the turkeys from my great "turkey experiment" and a mama that raised them. I'm hoping they will always fit through that door!

 "Moose" the baby goat. He's growing like a champ. We had a brief scare with the runs and his temp falling but some antibiotics mended him right up. (If I plant all those goatie berries will I get more baby goats?!?)


First tomato!

 Onions are popping up!

Parsley, sage, (admit it, you finished with "rosemary and thyme" LOL)

Poke salad, anyone?

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  1. I wish I could grow Blueberries. I have tried and all they do is die.


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