Thursday, April 3, 2014

You Might Be A Homesteader

 The comment yesterday about only a homesteader understanding a Friday night at the auction as "date night" got me to thinking. Are there other things I do that I would think only another homesteader would understand? Here's the list I've come up with so far:

You might be a homesteader if you've ever...

... wore 2 sweaters to save on fuel costs in the winter and then bumped up the thermostat in the spring so your seedlings don't get too chilly.

...transported a livestock animal in the back seat of your vehicle.

... carried a hoe around as a defensive weapon because your mean rooster is too pretty for the soup pot.

...memorized what the back end of your pregnant goat looks like because you're watching for signs of labor.

...kicked your dog out of  borrowed your dog's crate to house a baby goat on a cold night.

...payed a critter sitter more than you ever payed a babysitter.

...cancelled any social plans because the weather changed and now you can work in the garden.

...heard/saw a goat berry roll across the floor while trying on clothes in a department store.

...analyzed the actions of every character on "The Walking Dead."

...switched from home-grown to grocery store meat for a carry-in dish. (It's easier than explaining sometimes!)

...hid the fruit bowl from company so the critters could have a treat later.

...checked the bottom of your shoes for chicken poo before entering someone's car or house.

Well, there's a few. Anybody else living this quirky lifestyle want to chime in?

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  1. LOL! Well, with the exception of TWD (which I may rent one day if they have it at the library) and the goat berry rolling across the department store floor (which I'm surprised HASN'T happened yet), those are all spot on! I'll have to think of some to add :)


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