Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Turkey Experiment

I have no idea what I'm doing with these baby turkeys. I'm "winging" it!

 We brought them home about 3 weeks ago and stuck them straight into the nesting boxes that had Silkie chickens in them- trying to hatch golf balls. Those mamas were ecstatic! They kept those turkeys under them for 3 days before they ventured down to the floor with the babies.

 Once they were down and running around, I rigged up another play pen in the coop and everyone seemed to be happy and healthy. Until 2 days ago when the mamas started jumping out of the play pen. Then they would pace around the outside perimeter- back and forth, until I put them back in. Well, 2 days was enough of that for me. Obviously the Silkies think the play pen is no longer necessary.

 So this morning when I found both mamas outside the pen, fretting and worrying about their babies (almost as big as themselves!) I took the pen down and released the turkeys. It was a tough decision but I chose to trust the instincts of my girls- after all, that's exactly why I got them.

 They promptly took off to the big outside world to join the rest of the flock. I watched them for several minutes. The babies and the mamas were happily scratching the dirt and stretching their wings.

 And I find myself returning to the outside perimeter of their pen, fretting and worrying, pacing and hoping for the best.

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