Thursday, April 10, 2014

That Moment

 So there I was... soaked in sweat, breathing hard, in my-back-is-breaking agony and yet so proud, so proud that I had got the job done in one swoop. The winter's deep litter in the goat shed was now in several piles all lined up in a pretty darned straight row. That litter was extra deep this year thanks to an extra harsh season of cold and snow. But I had persevered and got the whole thing scooped out- eight overflowing wheelbarrows full of composting, wet, heavy straw and poop. And I did it without taking a break!

 The first thing I did after the last load was dumped- before I put away the tools or got a drink of water or even washed my hands- was to grab my phone to take a picture of all that hard work. I wanted to send it to DH and brag about how well I had done. Know what happened right after I hit the send button? An alarm started ringing on my phone- it said, "cardio workout time."

 I needed a new phone anyway.

(Just kidding!! I still have my phone)


  1. You're homesteading and you have a cardio workout time? That's sick :) We'll be pulling out our deep little next weekend, and spreading the pine shaving and chicken poo in the garden, oh boy!

    1. Chicken and rabbit poo is on my list for next weekend, too. Break out the Ibuprofen!


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