Monday, April 28, 2014

I Love Nobody

If I had to choose between Everybody and Nobody, I'd hitch myself to Nobody and never look back. Nobody has so many good qualities, I can't help but compare...

1. Everybody will bring me a 10 cent empty egg carton to fill up with "extra" eggs but Nobody wants to lavish me with a $14 bag of chicken feed. Nobody even wants to hang around and help scoop the coop.

2. Everybody likes to see the hatching eggs and the little peeps. But Nobody is the only one who doesn't mind a rooster crowing at 3 AM.

3. Everybody was so excited last summer to see the tomatoes ripening on my vines, drooling in anticipation. Nobody showed up to help hide zucchini in mailboxes and car seats.Gosh, Nobody even hung around after Everybody was gone to pull weeds!

4. Everybody loves the yummy jams and jellies and pickles that leave my kitchen. Nobody knows how much I would like to have the empty jars back.

5. Everybody likes watching the goat kids jumping and running in the back yard. Nobody understands that the only way to keep my head above water with goat expenses is to send most of those kids to freezer camp.

6. Everybody brags about how good my homemade apple butter is. Nobody wants to hang out and peel apples with me.

7. Everybody thinks my lifestyle is so "quirky" and "fun." Nobody has a listening ear when every muscle hurts, the rooster is attacking, the mud is deep, and the cat is puking something up.

So there you have it, I'm desperately in love with nobody! :)

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