Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Clothing Ch-ch-ch-changes

A rundown of my homesteading wardrobe so far this week:

 Short nightie, outside (muddy) chore duds, church outfit, outside (muddy) chore duds, watching tv gear, and back to a short nightie. That takes us to...

 Outside (muddy) chore duds, errand running town clothes, inside chore duds, Outside (muddy) chore duds, and comfy sweats -which I fell asleep in- bringing us to...

 Outside full winter gear chore duds, inside chore duds and add a sweater, dress up for a meeting in town clothes, outside full winter gear chore duds,  and a hubby-is-gone-I'll-wear-what-I-want flannel gown. And now it's...

 After I got the outside full winter gear duds off, I realized I was running out of clean clothes- AGAIN.
Is it any wonder I've got so much laundry on my hands?

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  1. Flip flops on Saturday, Winter coat on Monday here. The insanity never ends :)


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