Monday, April 7, 2014

Breakfast On The Run

 Back when I had a "real job" breakfast was hectic. Getting the kids to their before school activities, dragging the teens out of bed, walking the dogs, finding matching shoes, scraping car windows, get the picture. I never seemed to have enough time to grab even a small breakfast. So I quickly learned to keep travel friendly breakfasts on hand- dry cereal in a baggie, microwaveable breakfast burritos, fruit, etc...

 Now that I don't "work" I can take my time with breakfast preparations. Yeah right. I can just ignore that screaming goat, tell those chickens they'll have to scratch up their own food, water the garden after the sun gets hot.... bahahaha!

 Yesterday I cooked a large pot of steel cut oats so I'd be able to heat them up as I want them. And this morning I discovered they're portable! I just pulled them out of the microwave and as I started to sit down, I remembered I wanted to check on my seedlings in the basement. So off I went, bowl in hand. After I got down there, I realized I had a load of laundry in the washer so I set the bowl on top of the dryer and transferred the clothes. On the way back upstairs, I finished off the oatmeal. Breakfast was over before I ever sat down.  I guess it's true, some things never change.

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