Monday, February 10, 2014

The Poo Hit the Fan-Froze Solid

Anyone else getting tired of the words "wind chill?" C'mon old man winter, enough is enough! I can't even remember the last time we had such a string of below freezing temps without a day or two of thaw tossed in the middle. I'm not asking for a big warm-up (although that would be nice) I just want the temperature to get up to "poop scooping degrees."

My chicken coop is the worst. I guess I could try to chisel the poop-sicles that have developed under the roost but I'm not envisioning it as a successful venture. Plus, one of my birds has taken to sleeping in a nest box. So I'm daily hacking frozen poop rocks out of there- UGH!

Under the rabbit cages, I have a pyramid of frozen poop. It's growing at a rate the Egyptians would have been jealous of. I don't even want to imagine how fast that stuff is freezing in order to keep the perfect pyramid shape.

And the goat pen? Oh my gosh! Since the goats manage to drop berries with every stinking step they take, I have darned near a poop skating rink/trail system in there... (pulling out hair, wanting to scream!)

Anyone else find it odd that I actually MISS scooping poop? I really can't wait til the middle of summer when I can complain about all the sweaty scooping I have to do.


  1. It looks like we are going to have below freezing temps up until Wednesday night.....then up to 50 degrees on Tuesday afternoon. Which, although I welcome the sudden warmth, it means that everything will go from poop-sicles to poop-soup almost instantly.

    1. Poop-soup! Now I have to clean the coffee out of my nose.

  2. We are so lucky that we have global warming, imagine how cold it would be if that hadn't kicked in all of a sudden a decade ago!

  3. We're having a heat wave, 47 today! Feels like summer.... time for me to clean the coop boards...


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