Thursday, January 9, 2014

Deep Freeze Blahs

Warning!! This is a long post. Grab yourself a cup of tea before reading. Out of tea? Leave a comment here to get entered in a drawing for free tea!

The winter blahs have got me! So many times I have just sat and cried this week so maybe a little blog typing will be good therapy...

 First, the weather. Not "gee it's cold, put on a heavy coat" weather but "holy crap, if you don't have on two pairs of gloves and a full face toboggan, you're gonna have frostbite before you get done with the chores" weather. There's been at least an inch of ice on the roads (and my steps) for the past week. Yesterday we had a little melting-so I ventured to town. I grabbed some groceries and had a quick lunch with a couple of my DSs then I hurried back home before everything had a chance to refreeze. Feeding the outside critters has been an adventure in racing the clock. I have Reynaud's syndrome which means I get frostbite easily under normal winter temps- I really didn't want to push my luck. Needless to say, outside stuff has been done on an absolutely only as needed basis.

Second, the loneliness.After being on vacation for the holidays, DH went back to work a couple days ago. I had really gotten used to having a companion. Someone to nag talk to on the long dark evenings. We played some cards, watched some football, cooked together, argued, napped, got hooked on some t.v. shows,... We also decided to replace some of our old living room furniture. We managed to get rid of the old stuff but time ran out before we could get new. So my living room is an echo chamber. It was nice to have a helper. He carried the Christmas decoration boxes, fed the animals, washed some dishes, cleared the snow off my car, (things I'm used to doing for myself) and made me feel like a cherished wife. I miss that.

Third, the New Year list. Remember this?
The "hope and anticipation" for a new year has long since been replaced with a feeling of "what were you thinking??" My heart really wanted to do all those things. REALLY! But my mind has finally given it a dose of reality. We did manage to accomplish #'s 4, 6, 9 and 11. And if you count the Boston massacre, you can add #8 to the mix. Those aren't very good stats for a whole year. 

So now I've reached the therapy part of the post. It's a new year and time to make some decisions. I obviously can't change the weather but I can look on the bright side. Insects are being pushed back, snow/ice will melt into groundwater, someone will get to collect maple sap, and the sun will return soon. And loneliness? I could get a "real job" and hang out with people instead of goats and chickens. Maybe I will get a chance to visit DH out of town. Maybe it's time to find some friends who aren't tied to husbands and children, like me. As far as not accomplishing all my goals, I think the last year has taught me an important lesson: God did stretch me. He stretched my attitude. I'm going into 2014 with a positive balance- from a reality check.


  1. If I get even half of the things on my "New Year To-Do List" I'm doing great! We ALL tend to get a bit overambitious at the start of a new year and go a little overboard thinking that we can accomplish soooo much, so don't think of it as a To Do List, but as a Wish list :)

    1. I know you're right...thanks for the reminder! My mom used to say, "If wishes were horses, we'd all take a ride." I think it's time to saddle up and get over the 2013 blues!

  2. Have you thought about volunteering once in a while, to get out? Your local library, humane society, etc.?

  3. I didn't get all my list Accomplished either I'll just add it to this years :) my husband was off 2 weeks in November it was really nice to spend time together (even if he had surgery during this time) He has been gone a couple weeks so far and will not be back home until the end of this month (so glad he loves his job! :) it seems like when he is home even for only one day we get so much done around the house! I stay home a lot and really miss him, but with taking care of mom I can't really get out much anyway, glad I have my grand daughter with us between her and mom they keep me busy!


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